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Travel Advisor

We do more than just booking your travel.

Travel agents may book a ticket, book a hotel, and set up transfers only. "For us, that is simply the framework.

We specialize

We develop expertise in one or more areas of travel. "we offer specialization more in-depth knowledge about a destination, "This goes into where to stay and why you should stay there, which tours to take based on your interests, pairing you with the right guides, even booking your dining."

We customize

We create customized itineraries and trips -- not boilerplate, one-size-fits-all vacations. "We develop a full client profile to know what the interests and preferences are, in order to customize an itinerary to suit you. "We'd also make sure to take into account any special requests, like providing your favourite meals, even for our mountain trekking excursions."

We offer concierge services

Increasingly, we offer concierge-type services that you might get from a five-star hotel. "Our job may or may not carry over to offering assistance and service while you travel," but it could mean anything from dinner reservations to theatre tickets to really, or whatever else you might need on the road.


Your needs and desires are unique, and we believe you deserve someone that can guide you through designing and executing extraordinary experiences. 

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